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Hobbo’s Journey2020-09-30T11:14:29+02:00

Hobbo’s Biogen Journey


It’s our goal to be the most authentic health and wellness company in South Africa. Through Hobbo and his #BiogenJourney of going from the worst shape of his life to the IRONMAN 70.3 Durban in June 2019, we are looking to inspire you to #BeYourBest no matter your goal.

Hobbo’s Product Basket

Hobbo’s Podcast Features

Hobbo’s Biogen Journey to IRONMAN 70.3 in Durban (June 2019) was well documented on weekly podcasts, on the RUN with Coach Parry channel. In addition, Hobbo also had a feature on CliffCentral as he approached the start-line of the event.

Meet Hobbo…and why is he getting off the couch to do a triathlon?2020-09-30T09:41:44+02:00

Hobbo has set the audacious goal to complete the Ironman 70.3 in Durban in June 2019. We’re extremely excited to be part of Hobbo’s #BiogenJourney and want to urge you to join us as we help Hobbo and hopefully inspire you to embark on your own #BiogenJourney.

4:50… What’s the Comrades Deal?2020-09-30T09:49:10+02:00

On today’s podcast, we talk about yesterday’s big announcement that the Comrades Marathon Association has changed qualifying criteria.

We also announce the first winner of the #BiogenJourney competition we’re running.

Looking for a Change of Pace – with Rory McGuirk2020-09-30T09:55:11+02:00

Keep a look out for our #BiogenJourney with Hobbo who just finished his first triathlon this last weekend. Share your journey and training with us using #BiogenJourney and you could win 3 months subscription to CoachParry Online Training Platform.

How To Not Let December Festivities Get In The Way Of Training2020-09-30T10:12:42+02:00

Brad and Lindsey catch up with Hobbo, who is on a mission to get off the couch to IronMan 70.3 Durban in June 2019. He just finished his first triathlon and they discuss how to keep training and focused over the December holidays.

Helping Tanja put a plan in place for Comrades 20192020-09-30T10:20:33+02:00

Share your journey and goals with us, use #BiogenJourney and you could win yourself 3 months access to the CoachParry Online Training Platform. There are over 60 programs ranging from 5km all the way to Two Oceans & Comrades.

Helping Yvonne put a plan in place for her first ultra2020-09-30T10:22:28+02:00

Yvonne September is a member of our Coach Parry Online Training community. She has made some amazing strides (pun intended) in her running and completed her first marathon – Soweto Marathon. She now has her sights on Two Oceans Ultra Marathon.

Get Inspired Listening to Lizahn’s Story2020-09-30T10:25:19+02:00

Lizahn Oosthuizen is on a mission to make a comeback to running after a long time off. Share your story with us by using #BiogenJourney and be sure to also keep up with Hobbo on his #BiogenJourney to IronMan70.3 Durban later this year.

Pace, Cramping and Everything Leading to Comrades2020-09-30T10:29:29+02:00

If you want to share your personal best or story with us, use #BiogenJourney and you could win 3 months access to the CoachParry Online Training Platform. This week’s winner is Pamela Woest! Well done and we look forward to having you on TeamCoachParry!

We Connect with Geoffrey about his Sub-3 Marathon Aspirations2020-09-30T10:32:07+02:00

Geoffrey has a sub-3 marathon goal and with that; silver Comrades medal aspirations.

Markus and Geoffrey chat all things pacing – within a race as well as how to approach your ideal training pace.

We Help Schalk with his Bill Rowan Comrades Plan2020-09-30T10:33:12+02:00

Do you need to change your goal after a small setback in training? Markus chats to one of our CoachParry Online Training Club members – Schalk Visagie – about whether he needs to change his goal of 3:30 marathon after missing 2 weeks of training.

How To Balance Working on a Yacht and A Structured Bill Row2020-09-30T10:51:02+02:00

Lindsey and Shaun chat all things around how to use other modalities to assist with the lack of time he gets to run and Lindsey provides top advice on what to expect in the Up Run for any novice Comrades Up Runner.

We Help Trevor with His Comrades Preparations2020-09-30T10:52:30+02:00

We’ve been helping Trevor on his road to his back2back Comrades medal. Also have a listen as Lindsey catches up with Hobbo, who is making some amazing progress on his #BiogenJourney to Ironman 70.3 Durban.

Can I Continue To Train While Pregnant?2020-09-30T11:00:07+02:00

Dani is in her first trimester of pregnancy and would like to continue to train through her pregnancy. Listen as CoachParry gives Dani some guidelines on how to adjust her training program.

Changing Goals From Sub 3:30 Marathons to First Comrades2020-09-30T11:03:13+02:00

Helen Squirrell has been on one of our sub 3:30 marathon programs, she managed to get a substitution entry to Comrades and has decided to take the plunge into doing the Big C this year.

One-On-One Coaching Call with Chris Binneman2020-09-30T11:04:45+02:00

We chat Chris Binneman who is a CoachParry Online Training Club community member. Lindsey guides Chris on how to set goals and adjust his training programs for as he gets older. They also discuss Chris’ issues with cramping and how to tackle the UP run for Comrades.

From Dusi To Comrades2020-09-30T11:05:59+02:00

On today’s podcast Brad and Coach Markus help Matthew Tatham put a plan in place to transition from Dusi Canoe Marathon training to taking on the Comrades Marathon. We also announce this week’s #BiogenJourney winner and have some feedback from previous guest on the podcast Trevor Smith.

Hobbo & His Biogen Journey2020-09-30T11:07:41+02:00

We may hate to admit it, but we all lose our way in health and fitness. South Africans are climbing up the obesity rankings worldwide, but a brand is looking to address this. A guy called Hobbo has started something called the #BiogenJourney, and he comes into studio to share his story and inspire people in making a positive change in their lives.

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