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Photo Credit: UCI MTB on X

South African pro mountain bike racer Candice Lill had her dreams come true, earning a podium place at the Women Elite XCO Race in Val di Sole.

Original post by BY TYLER LEIGH VIVIER on Good Things Guy

Val di Sole, Italy (20 June 2024) – Candice Lill’s hard work has paid off, she has earned a podium place at the Women Elite XCO Race in Val di Sole, Italy. Candice earned third at the event, and landed her first podium at an international event.

The mountain bike (MTB) event formed part of the UCI MTB World Cup, making Candice’s podium spot even sweeter.

Candice found her love of mountain biking growing up on her family’s farm. She started riding bicycles at a very young age, sharing that she cycled 22 km when she was 3 years old. At school, she took part in swimming and athletics, but her heart was on her bicycle, so she rode every day after school and on weekends.

She says being on her bike is freeing, and she loves spending time in nature. In an interview with her sponsor, Biogen, Candice shares her secrets to success. Candice’s success internationally feeds into her hopes of showing other South African female riders that they, too, can make it on the world stage.

“You need to love it to succeed. You can’t do the training and compete if you don’t have the desire and passion for it.”

“You need self-belief to compete against the best and self-discipline to do the hard workouts needed to ride at the highest level. You really need to love what you do to get through them.”

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