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Biogen powers athletes with first Informed Sport-certified premium pre-workout

Driven by its passion and commitment to clean sport, Biogen continues to champion industry innovation by delivering new products that athletes can use with confidence to gain a competitive edge, with Biogen Premium Pre-workout the latest addition to the brand’s extensive Informed Sport-certified range.

“We are extremely excited to release our latest innovation as our product development shifts into overdrive to continue breaking boundaries and industry norms by providing the widest range of tested products for competing athletes,” says Biogen Brand Manager Brandon Fairweather.

Precision dosing for performance

Competitive athletes looking for a performance edge can get an explosive boost from the high potency formula in the new Biogen Premium Pre-Workout, with all the added quality control perks that come with the LGC program and Informed Sport certification.

Each serving delivers high levels of ß-Alanine (3,500 mg) and L-Citrulline Malate (4,000 mg) to improve endurance, 150 mg caffeine for enhanced focus and energy, and 3,000 mg Creatine Monohydrate for enhanced strength, power and fatigue resistance.

This innovative pre-workout also supports recovery with 7,000 mg of BCAAs and 2,500 mg L-Glutamine in every dose.

Certified free from prohibited substances

Biogen Premium Pre-Workout is batch-tested by LGC via its Informed Sport Programme to give athletes peace of mind knowing they are using a certified and tested product. 

“As a passionate supporter of sports and athletes at every level, Biogen is committed to providing products that are free from banned or prohibited substances,” continues Brandon.

“LGC offers one of the best risk management and certification programmes in the world and performs ongoing product testing on the sports nutrition and food products in the Biogen Informed Sport range, including the new Biogen Premium Pre-Workout.”

Products that appear on the Informed Sport Product List have been tested for a broad range of banned substances, using highly-sensitive techniques.

Added benefits associated with the programme include the physical and on-site auditing of manufacturer facilities and the scrutiny and evaluation of ingredients and formula efficacy

New Biogen Premium Pre-Workout is available in Mixed Berry and Tropical Punch flavours, exclusively from Dis-Chem and