Protein Recovery Bowl feature | Biogen SA | [Recipe] Protein Yoghurt Bowl For Enhanced Recovery

Are you ready to level up the most important meal of the day AND enhance your muscular recovery?

Meeting your nutritional requirements has never been tastier! Every long ride, cycle, or run deserves this breakfast recovery bowl…


How to make it
Mix the yogurt and the protein powder until smooth, top with fruit, granola, nuts, and syrup, and enjoy!

Biogen Recovergen Post-Workout Shake supplies a carefully formulated combination of ingredients that will help mend and build muscles, whilst regenerating energy stores as fast as possible. This upgraded formulation provides the scientifically recommended 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein, through fast-acting sources such as maltodextrin and hydrolysed whey protein. Biogen Recovergen is also high in Branched Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs), and has been formulated with antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and Alpha-lipoic acid, providing a good, compact recovery solution for use after strenuous training/events.