Sky Blues Trust Logo e1569507644748 250x217 1 | Biogen SA | Northerns Cricket Union establishes Sky Blues Trust

The launch of the Sky Blues Trust is a pivotal moment in Northerns and Titans cricket history.

The Trust was officially unveiled at a celebratory breakfast on 26 September at SuperSport Park, and it speaks directly to the footprint that the Sky Blues family wants to leave behind.

“This is one of my proudest days at this Union,” Northerns Cricket Union President Tebogo Siko beamed.

“Our mission has always been to provide opportunities for players from all walks of life, and this Trust will help us to do that.”

The Trust has been set up to assist a range of aspiring cricketers to get options beyond the game. From women cricketers, youth, differently abled players and players in various kind, the Trust will seek to empower them and open educational doors for them.

“Education is always the key. Without it, we are lost as a nation, which is why the formation and growth of this Trust is fundamental to our legacy and our responsibilities,” Siko added.

The name stems from the Momentum Multiply Titans, South Africa’s leading cricket franchise, who are affectionately known as the Sky Blues. With player development at the forefront of NCU’s organisational objectives, the Union is aiming to expand its social footprint in developing, nurturing and preparing underprivileged young cricketers.

The logo represents what NCU ultimately wants to achieve: making possibilities a reality. The square is a shade of sky blue, a reflection of the endless possibilities and ultimately how the sky is the limit.

Sky Blues is written left of the squad, an indication of the start of the relationship between the Trust, the individual and the institution involved. It reads upwards to symbolise the recipients future prospects.

All relationships are built on trust and fittingly the word trust forms the base of the logo. It’s read from left to right, indicating the beginning of the process to progressing to the finished product.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without our partners, and we ask them to continue with their excellent support towards all we are trying to achieve as the Sky Blues family.”

Siko added that the Trust was set up to ensure that those who didn’t make it in the game still had a bright future.

For more information on how get involved in the Trust, contact Janie Marais via