1. How has your life changed since becoming Miss South Africa?

I’ve had to adapt really quick. I use to work out at least six times a week prior to Miss SA and I had a lot of control over what I eat. As Miss SA I attend a tremendous amount of events including high teas and gala dinners. With that also comes a lot temptation to eat the things I should only eat on my cheat day. I’ve learned to meal prep and to make sure I eat before I attend an event to ensure I don’t fall for temptations.

2. Biogen has been associated with Miss South Africa 2017 Pageant finalists in their journey, has the product changed your exercise and fitness and routine?

I’ve actually been using Biogen for the passed three years prior to Miss SA so I haven’t really changed much about my fitness routine. Biogen definitely makes it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to keep in shape. I love making a quick protein shake in between events to ensure I keep my energy levels where they need to be. Biogen’s Multi Vitamins, Omega 3 and Wellmune fizzy contributes a lot to help me keep healthy and flu-free.

3. What is your fitness routine? What time of the day do you enjoy working out?

I always try and exercise early in the morning if my schedule allows it. I have an extremely busy diary and I rarely have energy to workout after a long day. If I exercise in the morning it also helps me to crave less unhealthy foods.

4. How has your level of fitness changed since becoming Miss South Africa?

Definitely changed a lot. I didn’t get to the gym as often as I would have like to. I realized that I never picked up any weight but I’ve lost muscle weight and gained a bit of fat instead. I am 6 weeks away from Miss Universe and definitely back in action. I am back in the gym 6 times a week and putting in a lot of effort to eat clean. I am so grateful that Biogen is supporting me with my preparation for Miss Universe.

5. What is your secret food weakness that you absolutely cannot say no to?

I’ve got a really big sweet tooth and love a good salted caramel ice cream or anything dark chocolate.

6. What’s your breakie go-to?

I am currently trained by Jaco de Bruyn and he has set up an amazing meal plan for me. The meal plan consists of 6 or 7 meals a day and really helps me to stay energized throughout the day. After gym, I eat four egg whites, half an avocado and half a grapefruit.

7. Snacks during the day?

I have a Biogen Iso-Whey Protein shake with a spoon of almond nut butter once a day. I also love snacking on nuts, green apples and berries.

8. What exercise do you find works best for you?

I personally enjoy HIIT the most. I also enjoy mixing my training routines up a bit. Right now I’m doing a lot of weight training combined with 30mins cardio a day.

9. What message do you have for all the women reading this?

As Miss SA a few woman have told me that they want to look like me and have my body. This is obviously a big compliment for me but kind of upsets me at the same time. Not one person is the same. It took me two frustrating years of trying different programs to find out what works best for my body. My eating and training habits might never work for you. I will never be able to have someone else’s body shape because our genetics are just so different. I learned to know my body, to love my body and to feed my body the exercise and food that it needs to look, feel and perform at it’s best.

10. What’s your favourite Biogen product?

I love the chocolate Iso-Whey protein shake, I drink it every day. I also love the Peptan Collagen, it tastes like red jelly babies!