Attakwas Extreme

Mona Mitterwallner (left) and Candice Lill (right) celebrate their 2024 Momentum Medical Scheme Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen, title. Photo by

Entries open for the 2025 Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen, open on 15 March 2024.

The 19th edition of this iconic event will take place on 18 January 2025.

As South Africa’s toughest single-day mountain bike event continues to mature and evolve, Dryland Event Management have plans to reward the finishers and help newcomers conquer the Hell of the South. 

An iconic event

“The Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen, is undoubtedly a special event,” noted Henco Rademeyer, of Dryland Event Management.

“It was the race that launched our business and helped Dryland build a reputation for truly caring about every participant. Superbly stocked water points, world-class medical support and great technical assistance are all key features which we pioneered at the Hell of the South and then rolled out as standard at every other Dryland event.”

“Despite doing everything we can to get mountain bikers through the kloof, the 121 kilometre route remains a significant challenge. 29er wheels, improved suspension kinematics and more efficient bicycles have not made the race that much easier,” he continued. 

“It is for that reason that we are in awe of every rider who finishes the race. Not only does it take battling through challenging terrain and sweltering conditions on race day, but it also requires dedicated training throughout the festive season. Which is no mean feat in itself!”

Shifting entry mix

Three men have completed every edition thus far. They are Paul Micklewood, CD du Toit, and Richard Muller. Their dedication is exceptional and inspirational. Though after a few years of the percentage of returning riders compared to first timers holding steady at 80/20, there was a significant rise of newcomers in 2024, as well as a 10% increase in race entries for the full distance race too.

“In 2024, 42% of the field were debutants,” Rademeyer pointed out. “It’s our highest ever percentage of first timers, and what a year to take on the race for the first time too! That made us think about how we could better support the less experienced riders in the field and help them reach Pine Creek Resort within the cut-off time.”

Attakwas Extreme

The climbing begins in the Klein Karoo, long before riders reach the Attakwaskloof even. Photo by

“We want to convert those 22% to dedicated Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen, campaigners who start every cycling season with the Hell of the South. The sport needs to retain people who are keen on doing events and help them mature from one-day races to stage races,” he stated. 

Added rider support

“To help everyone through the 2025 Hell of the South we’ll be moving our water points and adding a sixth official water point. In addition to this, we will be offering a free entry, for the next year’s race, to anyone who is ahead of all the cut-offs on course but who misses the finish line cut-off.”

In recent years, extreme temperatures have made the event even harder to complete. To offset this, Dryland Event Management turned the King and Queen of the Mountain hotspot into an unofficial water point, which is stocked with Biogen hydration drinks, Coca-Cola and water. 

For 2025 the fourth water point, which was traditionally located at the 87 kilometre mark, will move closer to Bonniedale.

A new Water Point 5 will then be introduced at the tar road crossing, at Ruiterbos 93 kilometres into the race. 

“This new water point will become a UCI feed zone, for the elite teams, and a second spectator point, complete with food stalls,” Rademeyer explained. 

“The local Ruiterbos Primary School will be partnering with Dryland Event Management, by manning the water points in the second half of the route. In turn, the race will be supporting the rural school with school supplies and contributing to their fund-raising efforts.”

“I think the addition of an extra official spectator point will boost morale significantly,” he smiled. “Having conquered the Attakwaskloof and the brutal climb out of Bonniedale seeing a loved one at Ruiterbos will be a welcome lift.”

Attakwas Extreme

The comradery on the road is one of the reasons riders return to the Hell of the South year-after-year. Photo by

Fuelled to finish with Biogen

Each water point will feature clear cut-off times which riders need to adhere to in order to continue the race. 

“If you make every on-course cut-off but don’t reach the finish line in under 11 hours we will give you a free entry to the 2026 Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen,” Rademeyer promised. 

“Having gone through all the trials and tribulations of the event, but not having the honour of being an official finisher must be tough in and of itself. So, we’d like to give riders a second chance at it, at no extra cost. A year’s more experience and with an unofficial Hell of the South in the bank I’m sure every one of those unofficial finishers will earn their medals the following year.”

Celebrating finishers

To further celebrate the finishers of the race, Dryland Event Management are creating a special edition 2025 finisher’s First Ascent T-shirt. Only upon crossing the Pine Creek Resort finish line will riders be eligible to receive this unique garment. 

From 2025 onwards, whenever mountain bikers spot someone in a Hell of the South T-shirt they will know that that person is a Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen, finisher.

2025 entry details

Entries to the 2025 race open on the 15 March 2024 at 12:00. Early Bird entries costing R1,750.00, per rider, until 30 June 2024, after which the cost will ride to R2,150.00, until the 30 November 2024. Thereafter a last-minute entry fee of R2,500.00 will apply. 

Seeding for the 2025 edition will be previous Hell of the South results, with the Prince George 100-Miler serving as an opportunity for newcomers to improve their start group. 

Attakwas Extreme

From 2025 onwards, if riders make the water point cut-offs but miss the 11-hour finish line cut-off they will receive a complementary entry into the next years’ the Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen. Photo by

Along with the 121 kilometre Extreme, the event also boasts Half and Mini distances. Those events are perfect for younger riders, or supporters of participants taking on the full Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen, looking for a fun morning’s ride. 

The Half is a 47km race, with 950m of climbing, which starts and finishes at Pine Creek Resort in Great Brak River. The Mini features a 32km route with 540m of climbing, and also starts and finishes at Pine Creek. Entries to both the shorter distance events open alongside the main race, on Friday, 15 March 2024.

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