Ipeleng Khunou

Passion fuels every athlete’s desire to #BEYOURBEST and grit gets them to the finish line, especially when your sport is so much more challenging due to a physical disability

Inspirational athletes like Ipeleng Khunou from the Nedbank Running Club need more than just mental tenacity to achieve their goals

The massive training loads, intense training sessions and an all-out effort on race day require ample sustenance from food and supplements. Follow Ipeleng’s journey as he prepares to complete the TCS Amsterdam Half Marathon on 17 October 2021 fuelled on fat. What makes Ipeleng’s participation extraordinary is that he will race the course on crutches.

Ipeleng was born with septo-optic dysplasia, a brain condition that affects his nerves, eyesight, balance and musculoskeletal development. But he hasn’t allowed his health condition stop him from realising his dreams.

Ipeleng - Nedbank Running Club

He will fuel his preparation and race with a low-carb ketogenic diet and supplements from Biogen’s Keto Range, which includes a keto meal shake, alkaline BHB salts, and a keto energy drink.

He will also get support from Nedbank Running Club coach and manager Nic Bester and expert guidance from the Sports Medical Services team, which includes sports physician Dr Herman Rossouw, the head dietitian at the High Performance Centre Nicki de Villiers and biokineticist Bronwyne Logtenberg.

You can follow him on his journey as he aims to inspire others and prove that a ketogenic lifestyle can fuel astonishing feats of endurance. We’ll track Ipeleng’s performance improvements as he ticks off his planned training sessions and offer in-depth insights from him and his coaching and support team with live Q&As along the way. We will also delve deeper into the foods and supplements he is using to show exactly how a low-carb, high-fat nutritional approach works to deliver the results you want.

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