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Rage Pump NOS – 510g

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Biogen Rage Pump NOS now offers a supercharged version of its former self. True to its #BeYourBest mantra, #TeamRed have pulled no punches in its development of another premium workout formulation, carefully crafted to unleash the tightest of muscle pumps, whilst boosting focus, performance and endurance.

  • 300mg of caffeine, as well as GlycerSize® – supports improved hydration and nutrient absorption.
  • Contains various energy sources, amongst these Taurine, and Caffeine.
  • Increases the metabolism of carbohydrates to produce energy and boost immune function.
  • Contains N-acetyl L-tyrosine and L-theanine that may increase mental alertness and focus.
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DOSAGE: As a performance supplement, take +/- scoops (25,5 g) with 250-300ml water 30-45 minutes prior to you workout (on an empty stomach). On non-training days, take 1 serving upon awakening. To optimise results, avoid food intake (incl. a protein shake) within an hour of taking Rage Pump NOS.

*Avoid taking this product within 4 hours of bedtime due to high caffeine content.

Rage Pump NOS Sour Melon Nutri-table - 510g

* Nutrition tables may vary by flavour, please read the product label to verify exact info.
* Nutritional Info above applicable to the sour melon flavour.

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