Photo 2019 10 14 14 23 31 4 | Biogen SA | Landie & Christiaan Greyling back on Otter trail run podium

South Africa’s top trail runners Christiaan and Landie Greyling were back on the podium for the gruelling 42km Otter trail run marathon in Tsitsikamma last weekend.

Landie finished in second place in the women’s event in a time of 05:08:52, while husband Christiaan finished third in men’s in a time of 4:27:58.

Recent wins include Landie’s Table Mountain Challenge (TMC) in September and Southern Cross Trail Run (Sox) in August. Christiaan was the first South African to cross the line at Ultra Trail Cape town 100km in 2018.

“I am absolutely elated to be on the podium in second place. I dreamed of it but never actually thought it could be achieved after having torn my ankle ligaments at the end of May. The race was tough but I had a blessed day out with no hiccups,” Landie said.

“As a result of my injury I missed a six-week period of vital training for the Otter so I am very happy with the result, despite my injury and juggling life with my one-year-old baby.”

The Otter is one of Landie’s favourite races, which she has had to sit out for the past two years. “Competition for the ladies was extremely tough, with big names such as Toni McCann, Nicolette Griffieon and Bianca Tarboton and loads of new talent.”

For Christiaan, the race was tough. “This was not my best time, but after rehabilitation after an injury and despite a talented field, I’m happy to be back on the podium.”