Top Billing presenter, Christopher Jaftha is a sight to behold! Needless to say, he’s a man of many talents. He can MC, sing, dance, act and he’s a voiceover artist. We were fortunate enough to get up close and personal with the gifted hunk and we learnt some interesting facts about him. Don’t be shy now, come a little closer and get to know Chris J.

1. “I carry a full kg of biogen whey protein powder in my car always!”
2. “I love cashews and biltong and have a secret stash wherever I go.”
3. “I can do PSL opening commentary in venac.”
4. “A lot of people know I can dance but I kill Pantsula and gumboots.”
5. “I love God!”
6. “Before I wear my shoes I spray foot spray on my twinkle toes.”
7. “I hate bad hygiene.”
8. “I have a phobia of getting things stuck in my teeth…if there’s even such a thing.”
9. “I always have hand cream and cuticle oil in my car.”
10. “I’ve discovered that I hate people touching my ears unless I let them into that personal space…”
11. “Don’t touch my hair.”
12. “I treat everyone as though they are a king or queen,it may be on different levels but everyone should feel special,the best investment made is in another human being.”