It is always a pleasure to meet with the talented ladies working towards that coveted Miss South Africa title, and help get them on track to be their best selves for the crowning event! As I have done for the last few years, I recently joined the girls as part of their intensive few days of workshopping, where I ran them through some wellness staples, from tailor-made workouts to ordering healthily off a restaurant menu, complete with some help from a few brilliant brands. As always, Biogen was ready to jump on board and support our girls with all the supplements they need to make real progress towards being their best possible selves as the crowing event approaches.

A quick outline of what the girls got up to:
I’m a firm believer in focusing on body composition versus a number on the scale. How much lean muscle mass and fat you have is a far better predictor of shape than any given weight. My assessments include testing body composition electronically, getting the girls’ measurements, setting appropriate goals and leaving the scale entirely out of the equation.

Nutrition seminar
It’s true: you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. A firm, shapely body and glowing complexion is not going to be achieved through training alone. In our nutrition seminar, I like to focus on portion control, managing blood sugar and cravings with low GI foods, the various food groups, and healthy snacking and substitutes. Supplements play a huge role here, and the girls were presented with a wealth of Biogen products to help them maximise their training. It’s also important that the girls know how to make healthier choices when eating at a restaurant, since so many of their meals are eaten out.

12-week programmes
Tailored training programmes and eating plans are the key to great results. Each girl was given a detailed training programme, offering varied, interchangeable workouts throughout the 12 weeks. These are HIIT-based workouts, guaranteed to get the heart rate up while building lean muscle for fast results. Eating plans are based on food groups and easy to manipulate to preference.

Training breakdown
The girls were given an intensive three-hour gym workshop, which included basic training theory, demonstrations, guidance through gym equipment and a challenging HIIT session.

Tools and incentives
Each lovely lady was lucky enough to walk away with a huge supply of healthy products and supplements from numerous brands. Biogen supplied a generous supply of products to each finalist, which have had a great impact on them so far – in just a short amount of time! Here are a few product highlights from the girls:

Omega 3’s
“The Multivitamins and Omega 3 capsules provided me with the additional energy required to keep me going at 100% throughout the day. I no longer feel a dip in my energy levels late in the afternoons. I’ve personally felt an improvement in my athletic performance and endurance when using the product.” – Shané

Peptan Collagen
“Being a Miss SA semi-finalist can be stressful from time to time and it definitely reflects on one’s skin. I have been using Biogen Peptan Collagen for a while and my skin feels rejuvenated and healthy. I also really enjoy the Red Apple flavour, it tastes like sweeties.” – Demi-Leigh

“My favourite product from the Biogen range is the Peptan Collagen supplement. Not only is it delicious but I have really seen an improvement in my skin, hair and nails. The stuff miracles are made of. Thank you Biogen!” – Milanie

Diet Protein
“I love the protein shake (strawberry) simply because I barely have time to make snacks having such a hectic schedule. With the shake, it is quick, easy and allows me to be so versatile with making smoothies – and it just tastes amazing even without the added ingredients. It’s always been difficult to get my family to enjoy healthy smoothies, but with this one, they are constantly asking when our next snack is.” – Ntombikayise

“I started using Biogen’s Diet Protein and I absolutely love the taste! It doesn’t taste like a protein shake at all; it’s more like a delicious milkshake.” – Shenai

“I have tried so many different brands and types of whey and have always been left feeling like I have wasted so much money. They’re either far too sweet, or thick, the carb content is ridiculous, they leave a terrible after taste and of course they are far too pricy. The Biogen Diet Protein (vanilla) is so tasty! It has just the right amount of sugar content (and includes stevia, which is even better), it’s a perfect meal replacement that is fulfilling, the carb content (which is so important for us ladies) is low and I have done my research and it is not expensive at all compared to other brands. I have about 4 scoops left and I cannot wait to get my hands on the chocolate flavour this weekend! I have already recommended it to so many of my friends and they’re all just as hooked as I am!” – Devoney

Wellmune Fizzy
“I’m using right now is definitely the Wellmune Fizzy. I have been traveling back and forth to a cold Europe and then back to sunny SA. I worked long hours and I use to feel low in energy and a bit under the weather during and after my travels. But since using Wellmune Fizzy I’m full of energy and my Immune systems could not be stronger.” – Lou-Marie

Want to take a peek inside the rest of the girls’ Biogen hampers? They included Digestive Enzymes, Glucomannan, Vitamin C-Ester Plus, Aminopro Skin Day and Night Formula and CLA 3000 Body Toner.