Running royalty joins Biogen family

Biogen is proud to announce the long-term partnership with South Africa’s household trail runners Christiaan and Landie Greyling. The couple is renowned for their extreme sense of grit and strong athletic performance both locally and internationally, and rank as top athletes in iconic events like the Otter African Trail, 100km Salomon Skyrun, and Mont Blanc Marathon.

For a brand that upholds sincerity, responsible nutrition and prioritisation of good health, the Greyling’s come as a superb fit.

We have watched them closely over the years, and always respected the way they conduct themselves both in sport, business and on a personal level. They also prioritise good health ahead of performance, and are successful as a result – this conveniently sums up the Biogen ethos and way of thinking,” said Brandon Fairweather, Biogen General Manager.

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Landie Greyling finishes in fourth at the 2016 Mont Blanc Marathon. Photo: DrozPhoto

With a strong desire to grow the sport in South Africa specifically, the Greyling’s recently started a trail running business that equips athletes with the necessary skills to pursue the healthiest, fittest and fullest life possible.

The decision to join #TeamRed comes at a fitting time for the couple as they take on new ventures in their career:

We became aware of a definite shift towards a healthy lifestyle and want to be part of promoting this new strategy. We have been exposed to Biogen’s extensive Vitamin range and this in itself is something an elite athlete can benefit plenty from. In the short period that we have been dealing with the brand, we found that Biogen is remarkably professional in their conduct and puts the athlete’s needs first. They endorse only Informed Sports tested products for professional athletes, and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure safe and healthy products. We feel very comfortable with this approach,” said Landie.

On a performance level, proper nutrition is essential for Christiaan at this stage of the 2018 season. The athlete hopes to blaze a path of glory at South Africa’s 50km Whale Trail and Italy’s technical 50km Trofeo Kima in August.

He is also determined to defend his Otter Trail title in October, and is set to end the season with a particularly demanding test of endurance:

I’ve entered for the 100km UTCT in December – this is an endurance test of note and I believe that 70% of the race is won through suitable nutrition planning and execution. I’m excited to put the Biogen products to the test and give comments about my performance as the rest of the season unfolds,” said Christiaan.

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Christiaan Greyling at the 2017 Mont Blanc 90km, where he achieved a sixth place. Photo: Drozphoto

Trail running is the back burner for Landie at the moment. While the brand celebrates the extension of the Biogen family, the Greyling’s anticipate the addition of a new family member of their own.

With our careers as professional athletes, it certainly was not easy to decide when to take a break to start a family. Fortunately, the decision was kind of made on our behalf and now we are candidly excited about this new chapter in our lives. Although we know the challenges that come with having a child, we can’t wait to share all our adventures with our new boy!” explained an excited Landie.