Candice Lill is a South African cyclist who competes on the mountain biking and road racing circuits

She started riding with her dad as a toddler on the family farm, which sparked her passion for the sport. She has since represented South Africa at multiple World Championships, the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games in Women’s Cross-Country.

She earned a Bronze medal at the Junior World Championships and another at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. Her ultimate goal is an Olympic medal. After leading most of the 2023 Absa Cape Epic with teammate Amy Wakefield, the duo endured numerous mechanical issues and eventually finished second overall and were the first all-South African female team.

Fast facts:
Biogen Wellness Pack

Candice’s Absa Cape Epic fuelling plan

Candice relied on bars and gels for her solid nutrition feeds during stages, with a mix of energy drinks in her bottles.

On the bike:
  • Biogen Energy Gels (Apple and Tropical Fruit flavours): Made using real ingredients with natural flavours and no added sucrose.

  • Biogen Energy Oats bars: These crunchy, rolled oat textured energy bars are loaded with L-glutamine, electrolytes, D-Ribose and phosphates, offering a tasty way to support performance.

  • Biogen Energy Nougat Bars: A great tasting bar with a nougat texture in your mouth, and vitamins and minerals to boost energy levels.

  • Biogen Cytogen Racing Mix: Support endurance performance with a blend of moderate and faster-releasing carbohydrates ideal to meet immediate energy requirements and provide sustained energy for longer duration efforts.

  • Biogen Carbogen: A low GI, advanced energy drink formulation enhanced with antioxidants, electrolytes and amino acids.

Between stages:
  • Biogen Recovergen: This product supplies a combination of carbohydrates to replenish energy stores and whey to repair muscles in an effective 4:1 ratio.

  • Biogen Hydrate: Provides an optimal sports recovery drink mix powder to replace electrolytes lost during exercise and potentially treat muscle cramps.

  • Biogen Supreme Probiotic 9 Strain: Keeps Candice’s gut bacteria healthy and supports her immune system during hard racing or training to help her avoid a tummy bug.

  • Biogen Iso-Whey Premium: Candice adds this protein powder to oats or muesli for a higher protein breakfast before the stage.

Biogen Wellness Pack