Electrolyte Supplements assist in maintaining optimal hydration and performance during times of prolonged aerobic exercise.

Hard training and racing, especially in hot and humid conditions, means lots of sweat, which depletes your body of fluid and important mineral salts called electrolytes that we need to maintain optimal hydration and performance.

Biogen is making it easier and more convenient than ever to hydrate, replenish and recover with two new additions to its extensive Perform X Range – an updated ElectroLite Ready To Drink and innovative new Electrolyte Jellies.

Biogen Energy Chews Electrolyte Jellies

New Biogen Energy Chews Electrolyte Jellies are a tasty way to support optimal hydration during your favourite sport or activity with additional electrolytes, without diluting concentrations with more liquid.

Each vegan-friendly serving contains 49 mg of sodium with 251 kJ of energy. Available in tasty Lime Burst and Strawberry flavours.

Biogen reformulates electrolyte RTD

Biogen’s updated ElectroLITE RTD is an innovative, tasty and ‘ready-to-drink’ electrolyte replenishment solution.

Each can of this sugar-free sparkling lightly flavoured drink contains real fruit components and a blend of electrolytes, including 135 mg sodium, 60 mg calcium, 14 mg magnesium and 21.7 mg potassium to replace natural salts lost through sweat.

With no artificial colourants or flavourants, it is an ideal post-exercise drink to hydrate, replenish and recover. Available in a convenient 300 ml can in Mango-Orange and Lime & Ginger flavours.