Indulge Those Cravings With Peckish Range

Fancy a delectable snack or indulgent treat? Look no further than Biogen Peckish-Much?

This ‘smart snacking’ range offers unapologetically indulgent treats that are high in protein for those who feel peckish at any time of the day.

The super-tasty range has launched with protein-enriched milk chocolate-coated pretzels and rice cakes and a delectable collagen-infused hot chocolate!

Chocolate Covered Delights

Everything tastes better covered in chocolate! So why not add the Biogen Peckish Much? Protein Choc-Coated Rice Cakes to your shopping list?

Made from wholegrain brown and white rice, and covered in protein-enriched milk chocolate, this product offers an ideal anytime snack or post-meal treat.

Swalty Satisfaction

Add a ‘swalty’ option to your usual selection of snacks with the sweet and salty Biogen Peckish Much? Protein Choc-Coated Pretzels.

These tasty treats are made with crunchy, lightly salted oven-baked (not fried) pretzels and covered in protein-enriched milk chocolate.

Peckish Range - Snacking

Hot Chocolatey Goodness

In the mood for something warm and comforting? Stir this cocoa powder into warm water for a creamy, hot and delicious rich chocolatey drink.

Every mug of Biogen Peckish Much? Skinny Collagen Hot Chocolate contains 5 g of collagen, with no added sugar!

Look out for additional products coming soon, with a snacker biscuit added protein next in the innovation pipeline.

So, if you’re feeling Peckish Much?, trust Biogen to curb that craving!

Hearty & Crunchy Snack Attack

When you feel like the urge to munch, we’ve got something with a crunch! Try our Biogen Snacker Biscuit with Protein.